Wednesday, August 27, 2014

      Welcome. This blog is for those who like to cook and love tea. About a year ago I joined a website called Steepster and my tea obsession took off. Then I found that people tea tea into what they cooked and mind exploded. I've been experimenting for awhile now but didn't really think to make a blog until recently. Seems like people blog about, well, everything so I figured why not this? A few things must be said before we get into the blog. First off, I'll try not to be one of those bloggers who tells you their life story before showing you the recipe. Sometimes it's nice to sit down and read about how Grandma gave you Brandy in your tea and you got a bit tipsy and you made a wonderful cake but most of the time people just want a recipe. I know I skip to them 90% of the time. Second, spelling and grammar. or those who are spelling and grammar nazis. Let me have it. Seriously. I do the best I can with spell check and what not but even I know that it misses things. Third and lastly. I am a nerd. So if you catch me going on random tangents... please forgive me. Oh and one more thing, if you have something you want me to try please comment and I will! 

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